Parliamentary Briefing: The Future of Nuclear Energy in Europe Following Brexit

On 14 March 2017, NNWE held it’s annual Parliamentary Briefing event on: The Future of Nuclear Energy in Europe Following Brexit, hosted by Dr Dan Poulter MP. We were delighted that Nick Butler, Energy Commentator at the Financial Times, Peter Atherton, Associate at Cornwall Energy and Professor Bill Lee from Imperial College London were able to join us for the discussion, with over 50 delegates in attendance from across the industry, Parliament and House of Lords.

The Briefing launched NNWEs Green Paper on a new internationally minded group which could work to enhance future nuclear new build across Europe, with Britain at its heart, now that the UK is leaving the Euratom Treaty – as outlined in the Brexit Act.

More information on the group, entitled: The Organisation for Nuclear Cooperation in Europe (ONCE), can be found on our website here.








NNWE also set-out its Five-Point Plan for the future of the future of UK nuclear energy industry. This was previously sent to the Secretary of State and other key stakeholders prior to the meeting.

Further information on the Five-Point Plan can be found online here.

The Briefing was live streamed on Facebook Live, you can view the below or online here.

Facebook Live Video