Key Principles

Nuclear power is an essential part of the overall mix required by European governments to help meet the long-term energy needs of their citizens. It provides affordable, secure, low carbon energy.

NNWE wants to ensure that contracts for new nuclear power stations are awarded in a way which delivers the greatest benefit in the fairest manner to local communities, as well as to consumers and national governments.

We are therefore promoting two basic principles to ensure that across Europe new nuclear power stations are:

  1. Safe. Nuclear technology and manufacturing must, wherever possible, be tried and tested in commercial use. Any new power stations must also be designed to withstand extreme events of nature, accidents or terrorist attacks. They must also ensure the safe and proper disposal of spent fuels in appropriate locations. Where non-EU nuclear technology is used it should be able to demonstrate a record of safe commercial use and should not lock utilities into a single nuclear fuel supplier.
  2. Supportive. We believe that companies or consortia delivering nuclear projects in Europe should be good neighbours and benefit the local communities in which they operate. This means employing and investing in local people and working with local partners across the entire supply chain, not just in low-level manufacture, but particularly in R&D, engineering, technology and high-end manufacturing to benefit the domestic economy.