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Kepco would like to express their deepest congratulations on the founding of New Nuclear Watch Europe (NNWE). We have no doubt that the organization will grow to play its role in promoting nuclear power as an economic, safe, and low carbon emitting energy and as the most optimal energy source for meeting Europe’s long-term energy demand.

At a time when the need for low carbon energy is increasing, we fully agree with NNWE’s opinion that nuclear power generation will offer opportunities for more growth in Europe. Kepco appreciates Tim Yeo’s personal effort and commitment in founding NNWE with the aim to raise the nuclear generation proportion of countries in Europe, and endorses the objectives of NNWE and hopes that it succeeds in promoting investment in new nuclear power stations within the European Union. Kepco looks forward to seeing NNWE active in the global nuclear stage.

Hee-yong Lee
Executive Vice President & Chief Nuclear Officer