Joint Nuclear Centres Winter School: talent present good sign for industry says Tim Yeo

Where better to start the New Year last week than in Birmingham at the Joint Nuclear Centres Winter School? The good humoured chairmanship of Professor Francis Livens, Interim Director of Manchester University’s Dalton Nuclear Institute and an NNWE supporter, ensured a warm positive atmosphere.

I attended day two of the School and enjoyed lively exchanges with almost one hundred students, many on the brink of careers in the nuclear world, and other more senior figures with a wealth of nuclear experience. The enthusiasm and talent present was a very encouraging sign for the future of the industry.

Before my own presentation a panel, judiciously chosen to avoid consensus, debated “Does the world have a nuclear future?”. Vigorous opinions were voiced and there were enough open minds present to ensure that an objective observer would have departed with their knowledge and wisdom enhanced.

All this augurs well for what will be an important year for our industry. At home fingers are firmly crossed for progress at Hinkley Point. Elsewhere the precise role of nuclear in several EU member states continues to be debated. Further afield other countries are recognising the need for new nuclear. Happy New Year to everyone associated with NNWE.