Hinkley: Comment from our Chairman

The prospect of Britain leading a much needed revival of the nuclear energy industry in Europe has been brought closer this week. George Osborne’s strong support for Chinese investment in new nuclear power stations in Britain sends out a clear signal that the Government wants nuclear as an important part of our energy mix.

Now the debate should move on to how Britain can capture the largest possible share of the extensive supply chain opportunities which a new era of nuclear power plant construction and operation will provide. Our Chinese partners will doubtless drive a hard bargain, particularly when it comes to Bradwell, but a huge resource of nuclear expertise still remains to be tapped within British companies and universities.

This is the foundation on which the creation of thousands of skilled jobs and the growth of hundreds of both SMEs and larger businesses can be based. Furthermore once a technology is approved by the Office of Nuclear Regulation, a regulator which commands international respect, it has considerable export potential, making the opportunities for British business even more attractive.

Tim Yeo
Chair, New Nuclear Watch Europe