NNWE Parliamentary Reception

The Future of Nuclear Energy in Europe After Brexit

Date: March 2017

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Speakers include:

  • Dr Dan Poulter MP
  • Tim Yeo, Chairman, NNWE
  • Professor Bill Lee, Imperial College London
  • Nick Butler, Energy Commentator, Financial Times
  • Peter Atherton, Associate, Cornwall Energy.


The NNWE Parliamentary Reception will focus on the opportunities and challenges facing the nuclear energy sector across Europe. With the UK moving forward with a pipeline on new nuclear build projects, most recently with the CGN-EDF Hualong 1 application for GDA approval, this reception will bring together leading policymakers, industry, academics and commentators to discuss how the UK, and Europe, can continue to be a global leader in nuclear energy development.

NNWE intends to promote discussion on the need for a Pan-European, or EU+, policy framework when discussing new nuclear build. With Brexit likely to occur in 2019, and the recent announcement that the UK will be pulling out of the Euratom Treaty, NNWE envisages the development of the Organisation for Nuclear Cooperation and Development in Europe (ONCDE), to continue and further enhance nuclear cooperation.

The latest EU PINC report [link] highlights that 105GWe of new nuclear generation will be needed by 2050 – roughly 100 new reactors – to meet existing demand and climate change targets. However, only 18 NPP are in development, planned, or proposed within the European Union itself. 95 reactors are planned throughout our EU neighbours – including Belarus, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and now the UK. NNWE believes the creation of such an organisation, like the ONCDE, can help drive future of nuclear energy development across Europe, helping us reach the ambitious 2050 target.


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